Tips to compose wedding place card tables

Escort and place card tables are perfect examples of how simple details bring a wedding design plan together. They’re utilitarian (guests need to know where to sit) and attractive, matching your wedding’s theme. You could be unsure what to write on your place cards, how to construct them, or how to address your guests as you prepare to make them.


It’s a good idea to check with your vendors to see what information they need to put on each place card before making your order for your wedding place cards and having your seating chart prepared and set up. While some providers will work with your creative vision, others may want you to indicate your guests’ meal preferences. Here are a few tips to help you write your place card tables:


  • It can take a while to make wedding place cards, so wait until your seating plan is finalized and your RSVPs have been received before starting. You can then arrange for table numbers and save money by not purchasing cards for those who regret their RSVPs. To allow for any necessary revisions, additions, or replacements, you should have your place card tables finished about a month before your wedding.
  • You may use each person’s complete name without a title for less formal occasions. If a married pair has a different last name, feel free to leave the title out entirely or fill out each name with the appropriate title. For married couples, it is appropriate to use “Mr. and Mr.,” “Mrs. and Mrs.,” or “Mrs. and Mrs.” before the last name when addressing them. If more than one pair has the same last name, either mention each person’s full name or the spouse whose last name they share.
  • The arrangement for unmarried couples is typically the same as it is for married couples with different last names, except your female guests will be addressed as Miss or Ms. instead of “Mrs.” The aforementioned guidelines should be followed for your guests, but plus ones’ place cards need a different point of view.
  • Consistency is crucial when using all of your place cards. When making wedding place cards, many guests just use their entire names because if you’re naming one group, you have to title them all. You can choose to label each guest or choose to omit the titles for single guests if your buddies are traveling alone. Be consistent in your choice don’t just call all the males by their names while calling the single ladies Miss.
  • It’s crucial to be completely certain of all of your guests’ chosen pronouns before selecting to utilize titles on your wedding place cards. As with meal preferences or dietary requirements, you could ask for them when gathering RSVPs or invite people to get in touch. Therefore, it’s preferable to delete titles for every guest if you’re unsure about their pronouns. Never use someone else’s pronouns only because of a title.