A Complete Guide to ear piercing areas:

Do you really like living with something that feels yours completely? Talk to a genius about arranging a stunning array of piercings. You might need stacked crosses and two or three small gold bands ending with a shiny inner cone. In cosmetics and design similarities, the potential outcomes are not overwhelming. There are a limited number of spots for ear piercing, and some piercers decide to zero in on their gifts on a pair, offering a small selection of options or just a twist for the ear piercing areas. Whatever you have in mind, it’s important to investigate as necessary before booking an arrangement, including gathering a few visual references to bring in as inspiration. We spoke with some of the top piercers in the business to find a rundown of the latest ear piercing design and trends they see everywhere in 2022.

Air Lobs:

Air Lobs piercings can mean a lot more than the spot you got in clears as a teenager. You can find different ways to approach this ideal situation to create a whimsical look. Moreover, as an advantage, Lopez notes that this infiltrate will usually heal effectively since the curve has the highest blood flow. So why stop at just one? Multiple curve piercings are an available way to step up your hoop game, and since the lower curve has no reins, the puncturing system itself isn’t particularly painful. It is important to note that, in any case, the escalation level is exceptionally abstract.

Air Conch Lobs:

The ear shown above has multiple ear piercing areas (between and through: level, helix, tragus, two-for-one/scenic chomp, stacked curves); however, we’re here to discuss what Lisa Bubbers, ear piercing. A major proponent of studio studs, the term snake’s nibble (imagined here with two roots). The sign of the snake’s nibble, as distinguished by the jagged curves, here is the proximity of the piercings. You will see that the two roots are more like each other than anything else on the ear. The ear shown above has a variety of piercings (from start to finish: Level, Helix, Tregs, Two for One/Sanic Chomp, Stacked Curves); however, we’re here to discuss what Lisa Bubbers, Ear Piercing Studio, A major proponent of studs, the terminology is a snake nibble (imagined here with two roots. The sign of the snake chomp, as distinguished by dashed curves, is the proximity of the holes – here, you’ll see The two roots are more similar to each other than whatever is on the ear.

Air Daith Piercing:

A death penetrator is passed through the ligament overlap on the inside of the ear. Lopez says that death is “very popular” at the moment, and he especially likes the ones that incorporate the enhancer rings, as seen earlier. The name may be natural because of the stories that have gone viral over the years extolling the alleged migraine-fighting power of getting this piece of your ear pierced, yet it’s important that even though it’s definitely A fascinating piercing, not real science by any means. , shape or form concrete. In short: if you need to make this your next new venture, go for it, but expect it to take time to relieve your brain of headaches.

Air Rook Piercing:

Rook puncturing is the small fold of ligament at the highest point of your ear, just below your helix, says Lopez. However, Lopez added that some of each individual’s ears could deal with this type of ear piercing areas. That’s why going into your penetrating studio with a receptive perspective is important. Additionally, this is another motivation to go with an authorized ace; experienced piercers will understand when this is the case.

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