4 Underappreciated Data Wiping Tools For iPhone

When you happen to sell your phone to a friend, you may want to delete the current message and send the call with default status. But have you ever wondered if it is possible to recover the deleted information?


As technology continues to evolve, it has become easier to recover lost or deleted data. The good news is that we also have advanced iPhone data wiping software and programs that can completely erase your iPhone without recovering deleted data.


  1. PhoneClean

PhoneClean iPhone Data Eraser is a simple and versatile software that can delete your entire data without destroying your privacy or damaging your iPhone.



  • PhoneClean has an intelligent search function that searches for every file that may take up valuable phone storage space before deleting it.
  • With the ‘’Zero Interruption’’ feature, you can delete files without interruption or slowdown lag.
  • PhoneClean covers all iOS devices regardless of their version, so you have complete coverage.
  • The “Privacy Wipe” feature protects your entire data by keeping it private after deletion.



  • You can use one account to delete personal data on a variety of iDevices with a single click of a button.
  • Keeps deleted and remaining files safe.
  • The Zero Interruption feature ensures that your iDevice does not lag while the deletion process is in progress.



  • You cannot choose between different file deletion programs.


  1. SafeEraser

The SafeEraser completely erases your iPhone’s data and information with a single click. The beauty of this data eraser is that it uses five different data erasing modes, giving you complete freedom to erase your iPhone.



  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is beneficial to all kinds of users.
  • It has a total of five data erasing modes to choose from.
  • Its data wiping feature allows you to delete junk files, cache and other space consuming files.



  • You can choose between medium, low and high data wipe modes.
  • In addition to deleting your data, you can also erase junk files and cache, which usually makes it difficult for you to operate your iPhone efficiently.
  • Easy to use and operate the software.
  • The program is fully compatible with iOS version 9.



  • Although this software comes with a lot of good features, we cannot ignore the fact that it is not compatible with iOS version 10.


  1. Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner

Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner is another excellent iPhone data wiping software with the feature to permanently delete your iPhone and get rid of junk and unworthy files.



  • It has four different wiping modes and three different data wiping levels to choose from.
  • It supports various versions of iOS devices.
  • This program deletes different files like calendar, emails, photos, call logs, reminders and passwords.



  • You can choose from a total of seven (7) file deletion and file wiping modes.
  • The program guarantees 100% complete data erasure.
  • After deleting the selected files, the remaining files are not affected.



  • Some users may find it difficult to operate this software.


  1. iShredder

iShredder is an advanced software that not only allows you to delete your files, it also provides you with maximum freedom to get deletion reports that other data erasure software does not have. It comes with 4 different versions, namely Standard, Pro, Pro HD and Enterprise.



  • Depending on your preference, you can easily choose from four different versions.
  • It comes with a deletion algorithm that allows you to protect and prevent certain files from being deleted.
  • The different versions are fully optimized for Apple iPhone and iPad.
  • It comes with a deleted file report.
  • It has a military grade secure deletion feature.



  • You can delete your data in three simple steps, these steps are to open iShredder, select the secure deletion algorithm and start the deletion process.
  • You can download and view the file deletion history to ensure that corrected information was deleted.



  • Most of the best file deletion features (such as deletion reports) are only available in the Enterprise class.
  • The software does not offer the same file deletion categories as other software.



From the above mentioned five mentioned iPhone data erasers; we can easily see the difference between their features and functions. Some of these underappreciated erasers (such as iShredder) allow you to set an algorithm that prevents the deletion of a single file while deleting the rest of the files. On the other hand, we have software such as SafeEraser where you are free to choose a different method of file deletion. And in case you are out there looking for iPhone repair, make sure you contact professionals, like Repairs Bay.